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How to make the payment for your Visa application

When using Visa on arrival service, there are 2 types of fee you need to pay: Service fee and Stamp fee. Service you will pay when you submit your application with us, the stamp fee will be paid at the airport to get the Visa into your passport.

Service fee can be made Online by Paypal or your Credit Card. The stamp fee will be paid in Cash in USD.

Please follow the instruction below to make the payment online for your Visa application:

After summit your application online, the Payment method page will appear, Choose Pay Now to make the payment with Paypal or Credit / Debit Card

Step 1


The payment page will appear after that, if you have Paypal account, please log in into Paypal and make the payment

Step 2

In case you do not have Paypal account, you can also make the payment without sign up for an Paypal account. Click “Pay with your Credit or Debit Card…” (You do not need to apply a Paypal account, just use your Credit/Debit Card to make the payment directly)

Step 3

You can choose Debit or Credit Card.

After that fill your card information and make the payment.

Step 5


The payment is verified and guaranteed by Paypal- 100% secure. If you have any question, please feel free to contact our support team at