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Why choosing us?

Why use the services of consultant?

Moving to another country is difficult enough without adding the stress of facing such a complex process on one’s own. Not only can this result in an unsuccessful application, but for some may even mean the end of a dream…

Applications are often refused because the applicant didn’t fill the application form correctly, didn’t fill the right form or failed to join the appropriate evidence in support to their application. Most of the time the applicant has no choice but to submit a fresh application, resulting in additional delays and costs that they cannot always afford.

By using the services of consultant, you avoid possible predicaments and improve your chances of success significantly.


Thanks to our own experience with the Vietnam visa process, we have a deep understanding of our clients’ situation. This exactly why we dedicate ourselves to help them get through this process as smoothly and successfully as possible, while making them feel understood and reassured.

By choosing to be represented by us, we believe that you will make one of the wisest decisions of your life. Here are 6 reasons why (click for more details):

If you think you might need a visa or any other immigration document, contact us on email to get a preliminary assessment of the options available to you. The information we give over the phone or by email on the first contact is totally free of charge and won’t obligate you to use our services. Calling us will only take a few minutes of your time and can only positively influence the outcome of your immigration projects!
As a specialized consultancy, we thrive to adapt our services to suit our clients’ various needs. We believe that a friendly and flexible approach is always appropriate, whether you need a simple advice or full support for your immigration application. At VisaWise, we offer the immigration services that you are looking for!
We are proud to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible the queries of people who put their trust in us. As soon as you choose us as your legal representative, you can be sure to receive regular updates throughout the process, have your calls and emails returned the same day by a competent consultant who will be totally dedicated to your case.

Once the Visa application is done, you will only be asked to make a fixed payment of agreement fee. No deposit will be required and no unexpected fees will be charged to you.

Our many years experience with Vietnam Visa should also assure you that we work to very high standards of confidentiality and professionalism.

English is an international language and it will be used to communicate with you

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